Which Craft Beer Styles are Perfect for Summer Sipping?

Do you like to sip some cool drinks on the summer days to quench your thirst? The best drink you can enjoy throughout the year is beer. Especially craft beer is one of the commonly chosen crystal-clear drinks for alcoholic beverage lovers. Craft breweries across the country have presented you with several varieties of the drink. So, which craft beer style should you choose?

Starters should know that the types of yeast added to the drink help them categorise the beer.

  • Ale yeast is the top fermenting ingredient working effectively at high temperatures
  • Lager yeast ferments at a comparatively low temperature.
  • Spontaneous yeast makes the beers wild and sour.

Choose your craft beer style to enjoy the summer season:

Craft beer lovers have a lot of choices that give them a refreshing experience.


India Pale Ale is a broad term that covers different sub-styles. IPA craft beers are available in various flavours and aromas, including pine and citrus fruits. From Milkshake IPA to West Coast IPA, there are several varieties. Most people love the punchy version of the IPA drink.

Wheat Beers

If you want something different from traditional beers, wheat beers are the right choice. The drink looks cloudy with a golden or straw-yellow tone. It is a full-bodied, carbonated drink with a flavour derived from a distinctive yeast strain. You may experience notes of clove and banana, although there is also a touch of wheat malt.

German Helles

The flavour profile of German Helles has gained the attention of many beer lovers. However, if you want a malty drink, Helles is perfect. You will experience nutty and bready notes while sipping the beer. There is a blend of spicy bitterness and sweetness. The clean and crisp finish will make you crave more beer. Helles is found in pale or light gold in colour.

Red Ale

Also known as amber beers, red ale contains low alcoholic content. The full-bodied malty drink has a toasty taste. The balanced flavour distinguishes the drink from other dark-coloured beers.

Irish Red

Irish red beers come in malty and sweet notes. You will experience bitterness while drinking the beer. Lager yeast is also used for this type of craft beer to add a crisp finish. The drink contains almost 5% alcohol.


Dunkel is another choice for those who have dark beers. These are smooth, easy-to-drink beers brewed with lager yeast. Although the hop is not present, the drink has deep malt flavours. As the alcohol is low, it has a light flavour.

Rye Beers

The aromatic, spicy beers are dry or sweet depending on whether the brewery has used lager or ale yeast. The alcohol volume is high (around 7%) for rye beers. The spicy flavour is more prominent with this type of drink.

So, these are some craft beer styles available for beer lovers. You may try out multiple beer types to find one that satisfies your taste buds. Craft breweries in Australia produce the best-quality beer to meet your needs.

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