Best Alcoholic Drink for a Healthy Diet

The New Year is a couple months in now and your healthy eating is going well. Well done, you. This doesn’t mean you want to reject every party invite because you’re worried about drinking. For health-conscious individuals in Australia, striking a balance between savoring an alcoholic drink and upholding a nutritious diet is crucial. The good news is that you can enjoy alcohol as part of a healthy lifestyle. Forget those who say you can’t – whether you love a brandy or a Pommery Champagne Brut Royal.

Understanding Alcohol and Healthy Diet

We Australians love the outdoors. How does alcohol contribute to the realm of health and fitness? Although it is generally acknowledged that alcohol may offer specific health advantages, it is crucial to underscore the significance of moderation. You can’t drink endlessly and expect your body to keep up (sorry!).

Criteria for Selecting Healthy Alcoholic Drinks

There are a few names at the top of the list when healthiness is the main criteria. Low-calorie options are sought after, as they allow for enjoyment without negating the hard work put into calorie tracking and exercise. Nutrient-rich choices can offer the added benefit of antioxidants and other healthful components. It’s going to be a theme through this article but drinking sensibly is critical.

Low-Calorie Options

Click on a website or on the shelves these days and you’ll see so many low-calorie options. Times are changing, that’s for sure. You name it and shops will have it. Beers, wines, and spirits with reduced sugar content are excellent choices.

Nutrient-Rich Choices

You’ll find that some drinks are inherently healthier. Red wine often has articles written about it because of the antioxidants and flavonoids that have been associated with heart health and longevity.

Moderation and Balance

Balance is important, like walking across a tightrope. You can have a chocolate cookie every so often – the difference is working your way through a whole pack. The same is true with alcohol.

Top Picks for Healthy Alcoholic Drinks

So what should health enthusiasts reach for when they want to partake in a drink? Here are some top picks for healthy alcoholic beverages:


Opt for a glass of red wine, which offers the aforementioned health benefits from its antioxidant content. Remember, a standard pour is around 5 ounces.

Light Beer

Light beers are popular amongst fitness communities as they typically contain fewer calories and less alcohol than their full-bodied counterparts.

Spirits with Low-Calorie Mixers

Choosing spirits paired with low-calorie mixers like soda water, tonic water or a splash of fruit juice not only reduces calorie intake but also minimizes the sugar content, making it a wiser choice for the health-conscious.

Importance of Moderation

There’s not really such a thing as a ‘healthiest’ drink because it’s all about consuming everything healthily. It’s a you thing, not an it thing. This is a principle that applies not just to drinking, but to all aspects of a diet and lifestyle. Make sensible decisions and you can do anything!

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