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The Benefits of Winner Medical’s SMS Surgical Gown (Reinforced)

Ensuring the safety of both patients and healthcare professionals is of utmost importance in the field of surgical procedures. Winner Medical, a renowned brand in the medical industry, offers a range of high-quality surgeon gowns designed to meet the demanding needs of medical professionals. Among their impressive lineup is the Winner Medical SMS Surgical Gown (Reinforced), which provides enhanced fluid protection for long procedures. Let’s explore the key benefits of this exceptional surgical gown.

Designed for Large Amount of Fluid & Long Procedures

Winner Medical’s SMS Surgical Gown (Reinforced) is specifically designed to handle large amounts of fluid and cater to lengthy procedures. Medical professionals can rely on this gown to provide them with the necessary protection and comfort required during complex surgeries and operations. The surgeon gown’s reinforced design ensures that healthcare workers can focus on their tasks without worrying about potential exposure to fluids.

Extra Protection Reinforcement on Sleeve & Chest

One notable feature of the SMS Surgical Gown (Reinforced) is the additional protection reinforcement on the sleeves and chest. These areas are particularly vulnerable to fluid exposure during surgical procedures. Winner Medical has taken this into account and incorporated extra layers of protection in these critical zones. This reinforcement enhances the gown’s ability to repel fluids effectively, reducing the risk of contamination and ensuring a safer environment for both the medical staff and patients.

Completely Impervious Fluid and Alcohol Repellent

Winner Medical’s SMS Surgical Gown (Reinforced) offers complete imperviousness to fluids and is also alcohol repellent. This feature is essential in surgical settings where maintaining a sterile environment is paramount. The gown’s fluid and alcohol repellent properties provide an additional layer of defense against potential contamination, enabling surgeons and medical staff to perform their duties with confidence and peace of mind.


Winner Medical’s SMS Surgical Gown (Reinforced) is a reliable and effective choice for medical professionals who require enhanced fluid protection during long procedures. With its thoughtful design, including extra protection reinforcement on the sleeves and chest, and its complete imperviousness to fluids and alcohol, this gown offers a high level of safety and comfort. Healthcare workers can trust Winner Medical’s expertise and dedication to producing quality surgical gowns that meet the demanding standards of the medical industry.

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