Betting on Both Teams to Score – Tips for Playing Both Teams To Score Effectively

Bet on 2 teams to score considered an attractive form of betting that appears in classic confrontations. This online soccer odds offers a huge bonus if the player predicts successfully. So do you know the methods of betting on which two teams will score? Please follow New88today article to better understand this impressive type of betting.

What is betting on 2 teams to score?

When predicting soccer odds in big matches, most people are interested in Asian handicap, over/under or 1×2. In addition, there is another attractive betting rate that some players love: Bet on 2 teams to score . This special form of betting is also known as Both Teams To Score. Your task is to predict whether both teams will score or not in a specific match.

If you bet on both teams to score, the player does not need to care about the winning or losing results of the competition they participate in. What everyone needs to pay attention to is to observe whether the two teams can score goals within the specified time or not. If you close the bet correctly, you will receive a valuable bonus.

The hottest ways to  Bet on 2 teams to score  goals in New88

Ratio Bet on 2 teams to score is receiving special attention from a large number of players. This type of betting offers many simple ways to play, so new players can completely close their bets to win. Below are the most basic ways to predict Both Teams To Score at New88:

 Bet on 2 teams to score  HT

Both Teams To Score in the first half is also denoted as BTTS HT. Basically, the player needs to choose 2 teams to score within 45 minutes of the first half. Therefore, if you bet successfully, you can receive the bonus right after the first half ends.

Bet on which team will score in the second half

The next attractive form of BTTS betting that everyone cannot ignore is the prediction in the second half. Specifically, you will choose 2 teams to score or not in the period from minute 46 to the end of the second half. When finalizing the bet Exactly, players will receive bonuses from New88.

Cược Both Teams To Score FT

How to set  Bet on 2 teams to score  FT means you think the match ends when both clubs score goals. Valid betting time is 90 minutes of official play and extra time.

Instructions for betting on 2 teams to score at New88 for new players

Currently, this form of betting attracts many players to participate. If you want to place the most accurate BTTS bet at New88, please proceed based on the following process:

  • Step 1: Access the most official New88 bookmaker 2024. Next, players need to log in with their account.
  • Step 2: On the home page interface, people select “Sports” and then choose the appropriate betting hall to play.
  • Step 3: In the odds table of the hottest sports of the day, click on “Soccer” then select the match you want to play.
  • Step 4: Look for rates Bet on 2 teams to score and bet on the outcome you want. Finally, enter the amount you plan to play and click the “Bet” button.

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Tips for betting on the two teams scoring the most winning goals according to expert New88

Both Teams To Score betting form offers extremely attractive payout rates. However, not all players know how to choose the most accurate bet. If you want to increase your winning percentage, you should apply the following experience:

Evaluate performance

The player’s first task is to learn about the performance in the most recent matches of each team. This information is reflected through the competition results each team wins. If you realize that the club has a good record and scores many goals, you should play BTTS.

Analyze confrontation index

One of the parameters you need to pay attention to before  Bet on 2 teams to score  is the history of encounter. Everyone should monitor the confrontation index in recent matches to know which team has the greater advantage. Besides, this information also shows the number of goals scored by the two teams in history. If you observe that this index appears high, you should predict BTTS to hope to win.

So the above article has answered many players’ questions about betting Bet on 2 teams to score in king sport. This is one of the familiar types of betting, bringing a very large probability of receiving rewards. To discover more standard soccer betting strategies that don’t require adjustment, don’t forget to visit New88.

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