The correct way to choose pullets to compete in is only for cockers

PulletThis is also a breed that is used a lot in cockfighting arenas. This is a tough breed of chicken and has a different fighting style. So how to identify beautiful standard pullets with good fighting ability? We invite you to immediately refer to the article below Trang chủ Mb66 casino now.

Why do cockfighters choose young fighting cocks more than old cocks?

Currently, at cockfighting arenas, pullet considered the most popular and average breed. With this chicken line, cockfighters often choose to compete because it has a reasonable price and the fighting ability is not bad. Some reasons why young machine chickens are chosen a lot are as follows:

  • Easier to choose: For young chickens with obvious external characteristics, especially looking at the pharynx and scales, you can identify whether the chicken has the ability to compete or not. Therefore, people often invest in young chickens rather than chicks.
  • Minimize risks: Raising young chickens will avoid many poultry diseases, because chickens have high resistance and are not susceptible to infectious diseases.
  • Cheap fighting cocks: With young fighting cocks, they have quite dangerous attacks but don’t reveal too much. Therefore, depending on each chicken, you will choose a brave fighting cock. In particular, the chicken has a moderate price, much cheaper than other types of fighting chickens.

Criteria to distinguish pullets from old chickens

Distinguishing between silk cocks and chickens is very important, because these two types have similar bodies. Therefore, to have an accurate way to differentiate, you need to rely on some of the following factors:

  • Look at the chicken’s comb: The size of the young chicken’s comb will be small, bright red in color and the outer layer will be smoother than that of older chickens. Chickens that have been raised for a long time have their combs often thick and dark red.
  • Identification by chicken foot scales: Young chickens will have bright and clean scales, chicken feet will also be bright, and the surface of the scales will be a bit rough. Older chickens will have large soles and thick calluses.
  • Identify by the cock’s beak: The cockfighting cock will have a pointed beak, if you gently pinch the beak you will see its relative softness. On the contrary, an old chicken’s beak will be much blunter and harder.
  • Recognize through the chicken’s belly: If you press lightly on the belly pulletIf it feels soft, this is a regular chicken because it has accumulated fat for many years. As for young chickens, they will be quite sturdy.

How to choose pullets in detail for cockers

So to choose quality silk fighting chickens, you need to understand the following selection criteria:

Choose chicken according to attack

The criteria for choosing chickens based on attack is often applied by many monks. Because when choosing fighting cocks, you usually choose cocks that have the ability to attack well and dodge attacks well. Therefore, for uncles pullet If you have attacks, surprise moves, and endurance during competition, you should “racket” right away.

In addition, pullets also have aggressive, stubborn and fighting instincts. Therefore, when choosing fighting chickens, you should prioritize chickens that are tough and possess dangerous attacks to quickly defeat opponents right in the arena.
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Choose according to scales and feathers

Select pullet According to scales and feathers, this is a quite popular choice among cockfighters. With this choice, you can identify which chicken has a poisonous attack. If some chickens have not yet opened their beaks, you should choose them. In addition, the chicken’s feet are white, the beak is ivory or the chicken has green legs and frog eyes… All of these criteria are quite good for you to choose to compete.

Choose young chickens according to their pedigree

Many cockfighting brothers choose pullet According to genealogy, because they believe that if a pair of beautiful parent chickens give birth to children with good qualities and healthy physical strength, the chicks will certainly have equivalent characteristics. Therefore, this is also a quite suitable criterion for cockfighters to choose pullets for fighting.

Choose chickens in good health

In particular, when choosing young chickens, you should pay attention to choosing chickens with good health, high resistance and not suffering from any diseases. Because in unpredictable weather, chickens often encounter infectious diseases. Sick chickens should be ignored or else they will waste effort in raising them. You should choose a chicken with sharp eyes, it will have a vicious instinct compared to other chickens.

With sharing on how to choose pullet Above, MB66 Casino shares, hopefully you will have more experience in choosing the best chicken breed and serving in competitions. Don’t forget to visit MB66 Casino continuously to update the latest news about cockfighting.

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