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YANSEN YSXXXXD4PXXXXXXI  Industrial DRAM: High-Speed Memory for Automotive Applications

In the automotive industry, high-speed and reliable memory solutions are essential for powering advanced onboard systems. YANSEN‘s YSXXXXD4PXXXXXXI Industrial DRAM is designed specifically for automotive applications. With its DDR4 technology, advanced specifications, and robust construction, this memory module delivers exceptional performance and reliability in automotive systems.

Advanced DDR4 Technology for Automotive Applications

The YSXXXXD4PXXXXXXI Industrial DRAM from YANSEN utilizes DDR4 technology, offering high-speed and efficient memory performance. With its 288-pin printed circuit board and 4K bits serial EEPROM, this module is designed for seamless integration into automotive systems, providing reliable and fast memory access.

Versatile Configurations and Synchronous Design

The YSXXXXD4PXXXXXXI Industrial DRAM is available in multiple configurations, including 512M x 8, 1024M x 8, 256MX16, 512MX16, 1GX8, 2GX8, and 2GX16 bits DDR4 SDRAM. This versatility allows for flexible memory capacity options to meet the specific requirements of automotive applications. The synchronous design of the module ensures precise cycle control and efficient data transfer, maximizing performance in automotive systems.

Enhanced Performance for Automotive Systems

The YSXXXXD4PXXXXXXI Industrial DRAM by YANSEN delivers enhanced performance for a wide range of memory-intensive automotive applications. Its high-speed data transfer, programmable latencies, and wide range of operation frequencies enable seamless integration and optimal performance in automotive systems, ensuring reliable and efficient memory operations.


YANSEN’s YSXXXXD4PXXXXXXI Industrial DRAM is a high-speed and reliable memory solution designed specifically for automotive applications. With its advanced DDR4 technology, versatile configurations, and synchronous design, this memory module delivers exceptional performance and reliability in automotive systems. Choose YANSEN’s expertise in automotive memory solutions and elevate the performance and responsiveness of your automotive applications. Trust the YSXXXXD4PXXXXXXI Industrial DRAM for high-speed and efficient memory operations, and experience the benefits of reliable and robust memory in your automotive systems.

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