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How can apartment dwellers save money on their electric bills?

Many people would recommend solar panels as a clean energy product. However, most people have concerns. These include insufficient power generation, complex installation and high labor costs. Not having enough space for installation. Not understanding solar panel’s power generation capacity. Not being able to understand the size and number of panels needed to purchase.

Sungold’s balcony system may be a good option for you if you have any of these issues. This product will change your perception about solar panels. These problems can be solved and you will have a completely new experience with solar panels.

High Conversion Efficiency

The Sungold balcony system features new designed solar panels and a micro-inverter. Solar cells are highly efficient and can be customized to your balcony’s size and power requirements. No more insufficient power generation. The stored solar PV power can be converted to DC power. The inverter converts DC power into AC power. The system also includes the battery that stores the energy.

It’s easy to install

Sungold Balcony System solar panel panels come with hanging holes and ties that make it easy to install. Install the solar panel by attaching it to the railing and tightening the screws. Finally, connect the wiring to the micro-inverter. The power cord should be connected to the micro-inverter and the outlet at the balcony. You can plug the current flowing through the inverter directly into an ordinary electrical outlet, and then connect to the grid. The simple steps of installation can be done by anyone. This will save you a lot on labor costs. They can be easily taken down when you move to another place and then installed in your new home.

Maximizing Space Use

Sungold’s balcony system is a step ahead of the rest. Instead of relying on solar panels being installed on the roof, many people still think that solar power can be achieved by installing solar panels on the balcony. Sungold will also install colored glass panels so that the balcony can harvest sunlight and electricity. This will add a special touch of color to your life. You can also adjust the tilt of solar panels on your balcony to generate more electricity.

APP Tracking Power Generation

The Sungold balcony system comes with an APP that allows you to monitor and control the power generated from the solar panels. This app gives you an intuitive understanding of the power generated by the solar panels, and allows you detect abnormalities immediately.

Customized Solutions

Sungold will create a custom solution for you based on your balcony size and power requirements. This is especially useful for those who aren’t sure what size or how to use solar panels. Contact us if you have any questions regarding solar panels or balcony systems.

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