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Experience Flexibility and Efficiency with Done Power’s Adjustable LED Driver

Done Power presents an innovative solution for businesses seeking versatile lighting control–the adjustable LED driver. This driver allows users to fine-tune the output voltage, providing flexibility in adjusting the lighting levels according to specific requirements. With adjustable LED drivers, businesses can create the desired ambiance and optimize energy efficiency in their lighting installations. Whether it’s for architectural lighting, commercial spaces, or outdoor applications, the adjustable LED driver offers a customizable lighting solution.

High-End North American Certification for Quality Assurance

Done Power’s adjustable LED driver is backed by UL/CE/CUL/FCC/CLASS P high-end North American certification, ensuring businesses of its quality and performance. These certifications validate the driver’s compliance with industry standards, assuring businesses that they are investing in a product that meets the highest quality requirements. The adjustable LED driver provides businesses with the confidence they need to rely on its performance and longevity.

Efficiency and Protection for Optimal Performance

Done Power’s adjustable LED driver not only offers flexibility but also prioritizes efficiency and protection. The driver is designed with efficiency in mind, optimizing energy consumption and reducing operational costs. With adjustable output voltage, businesses can ensure that their lighting systems are operating at the most efficient levels. Additionally, the driver incorporates SCP/OTP/OVP/UVP protection functions, safeguarding the LED driver and connected luminaires against electrical faults. This protection mechanism extends the lifespan of the lighting system, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

CNAS Laboratory Accreditation – Recognizing Quality Assurance

Done Power’s Verification Center was awarded laboratory accreditation by the prestigious China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS). This accreditation serves as a testament to Done Power’s unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality and reliability in their LED drive power products. With the CNAS seal of approval, customers can trust that Done Power’s solutions undergo rigorous testing and adhere to industry-leading benchmarks.


Done Power’s adjustable LED driver empowers businesses with flexibility, efficiency, and performance in their lighting installations. With the ability to adjust the output voltage, businesses can create customized lighting solutions for various applications. The high-end North American certification ensures the driver’s quality and adherence to industry standards. The driver’s focus on efficiency and protection further enhances its value, optimizing energy consumption and extending the lifespan of the lighting system. With Done Power’s adjustable LED driver, businesses can achieve the flexibility and efficiency they desire in their lighting solutions.

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