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Tianlong: Advancing PCR Diagnostics for a Healthier Future

In the ever-evolving field of PCR diagnostics, Tianlong has emerged as a driving force, dedicated to advancing the way we diagnose and treat diseases. Since its establishment in 1997, Tianlong has been at the forefront of research and development, consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation in genetic testing and molecular diagnostics. This blog will delve into Tianlong’s vision and mission, their commitment to excellence, and their positive impact on the field of PCR diagnostics.

Tianlong’s vision and mission

Tianlong envisions a future where PCR diagnostics plays a central role in promoting human well-being. Their mission is to create first-class molecular diagnostic products and establish Tianlong as a national brand in the global market. This vision and mission drive their efforts to develop cutting-edge technologies and provide healthcare professionals with state-of-the-art tools for accurate and timely diagnoses. By focusing on molecular diagnostics, Tianlong aims to revolutionize the healthcare industry and disease prevention and improve patient outcomes worldwide.

International recognition

The cornerstone of Tianlong’s success lies in their unwavering commitment to excellence. With over 80 autonomous intellectual property rights, Tianlong’s products have undergone rigorous testing and obtained numerous approvals and certifications. Their products have received more than 70 China NMPA approvals and over 120 international approvals and certifications, ensuring their adherence to international quality standards. This commitment to excellence extends to every aspect of their operations, from product development to customer service, ensuring that healthcare professionals receive the highest quality solutions.

Positive impact on molecular diagnostics

Tianlong’s contributions to molecular diagnostics cannot be understated. Their innovative products, such as nucleic acid extractors, PCR thermal cyclers, and real-time PCR systems, have transformed the way genetic testing is conducted. By providing accurate and efficient tools, Tianlong has empowered healthcare professionals to make informed decisions, leading to improved patient care and outcomes. Their solutions have found applications in clinical diagnostics, epidemic prevention and control, food safety, and scientific research, making a significant impact in various domains.


Tianlong’s vision, mission, and commitment to excellence have positioned them as an industry leader in molecular diagnostics. Their dedication to advancing the field through cutting-edge technologies and reliable products has had a positive impact on healthcare worldwide. With their relentless pursuit of innovation and their focus on improving patient well-being.

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