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Navigating Cinematic Realms: Unveiling the Distinctions Between Phone Cages and Camera Cages

In the realm of cinematography, the choice between a phone cage and a camera cage can significantly influence the quality and versatility of your visual creations. Smallgig, a pioneering force in camera parts, introduces the Full Camera Cage for BMPCC 6K Pro. Let’s embark on a journey to discern the key differences between a dedicated camera cage and its smartphone counterpart, the phone cage.

How do phone cages and camera cages differ in terms of stabilizing shots and providing control over the filming process?

While both cages aim to stabilize shots, camera cages, such as Smallgig’s BMPCC 6K Pro offering, often provide multiple mounting points for accessories like stabilizers, handles, and tripods. This allows for a more secure and versatile setup, ensuring filmmakers achieve steadier shots, even in dynamic environments, compared to the typically smaller and less accessorized phone cages.

In what ways do camera cages, like Smallgig’s Full Camera Cage, offer more flexibility for filmmakers in integrating accessories compared to phone cages?

The Full Camera Cage for BMPCC 6K Pro boasts an array of mounting points for accessories like top handles, SSD mounts, and side handles. This versatility enables filmmakers to tailor their setup for different shooting scenarios, a feature that phone cages might lack due to their compact design and limited accessory compatibility.

How does the intended use for professional cameras distinguish camera cages from phone cages, especially in delivering high-quality cinematic content?

Camera cages are designed with professional-grade cameras in mind. Smallgig’s offering ensures compatibility with cameras like the BMPCC 6K Pro, providing a robust solution for filmmakers seeking to create content of a professional caliber. This focus on high-end equipment sets camera cages apart from phone cages designed for consumer-level devices.

  1. Power and Continuous Shooting:

Q4: How does Smallgig’s Full Camera Cage cater to the power needs of filmmakers, ensuring uninterrupted shooting sessions, a feature less prominent in phone cages?

A: The Full Camera Cage for BMPCC 6K Pro is designed to provide continuous power to the BMPCC 6K Pro and 6K G2. This eliminates concerns about battery changes during critical moments, offering filmmakers greater flexibility and reducing potential disruptions in the shooting process—a feature not as common in phone cages.

How do camera cages prioritize accessibility to camera controls during shoots, ensuring filmmakers have seamless adjustments?

Smallgig’s advanced cage is meticulously designed to maintain easy access to camera controls, ports, and battery doors. This ensures that filmmakers can make swift adjustments without hindrance, a crucial advantage in professional shoots where every moment counts, a feature not as emphasized in phone cages.


As filmmakers tread the path toward cinematic excellence, the choice between phone cages and camera cages becomes an integral decision. Smallgig’s Full Camera Cage for BMPCC 6K Pro stands as a testament to versatility, stability, and professional-grade support, tailored for dedicated cameras. While phone cages cater to consumer-level devices, camera cages elevate filmmakers to new heights, offering a canvas for creative expression that extends beyond the limitations of smartphone cinematography.

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