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Light Sky’s Pearl Wash: Durable Stage Lighting for Outdoor Projects

When it comes to stage lighting equipment, durability and reliability are crucial factors to consider. Light Sky offers a range of stage wash lights that not only deliver exceptional performance but also excel in terms of durability. The Pearl Wash is a prime example, with its robust construction and waterproof features. This blog will explore how the Pearl Wash is an ideal choice for outdoor lighting projects, such as city buildings, theme park lights, and other outdoor installations.

Built to withstand outdoor conditions

Light Sky understands that outdoor lighting fixtures need to withstand various environmental challenges. The Pearl Wash is constructed using heat-proof engineering plastics and module pressing alloy materials, ensuring its durability in outdoor settings. With an IP20 rating, the fixture is protected against solid objects and performs reliably in dry environments. This makes it suitable for city buildings, theme park lights, and other outdoor lighting projects where exposure to dust and debris is a concern.

Waterproof design for all-weather performance

One of the standout features of the Pearl Wash is its heatproof design. With an IP rating of IP20, the fixture is well-suited for outdoor installations where it may be exposed to rain or other types of moisture. This feature ensures that the Pearl Wash can withstand the elements, providing reliable and consistent performance in any weather condition. Whether it’s an outdoor concert or a lighting installation in a park, you can trust the Pearl Wash to deliver stunning lighting effects without compromising on durability.


Light Sky’s Pearl Wash is not only a powerful stage wash light but also a durable and reliable lighting solution for outdoor projects. Its construction using heat-proof engineering plastics and module pressing alloy materials ensures its longevity in outdoor environments. The waterproof design adds an extra layer of protection, allowing the Pearl Wash to perform flawlessly in all weather conditions. If you’re planning an outdoor lighting project, whether it’s lighting up city buildings or enhancing the ambiance of a theme park, the Pearl Wash is an excellent choice that combines durability and outstanding performance.

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