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EVERPRETTY Furniture’s Magnetic Whiteboard: The Key to an Effective Classroom

EVERPRETTY Furniture, a leading manufacturer of classroom furniture, proudly presents their latest creation – school writing board-the Foldable Double-side Board. This innovative board is a unique and highly practical addition to any classroom that encourages group learning.

EVERPRETTY’s GT-83 Customizable Double-side Board: A Sturdy and Long-lasting Solution for Classrooms

The board, with Item No. GT-83, is customizable to fit your specific needs. It is made from high-quality painted (magnetic) coated steel sheet on the surface, high-quality HDF for the inner panel, high-quality zinc-coated steel sheet on the back, and high-quality aluminum alloy for the frame. The result is a sturdy, long-lasting board that will withstand the wear and tear of daily use in the classroom.

The Foldable Double-side Board: Transforming Classroom Communication

The Foldable Double-side Board is designed with a critical feature that makes it  stand out – it can be folded. This allows teachers to write discussion topics on one side and hide conclusions on the other. This design not only ensures that students are actively involved in the learning process but also allows for a seamless transition between group work and presenting final results.

Flexible Payment Options, Quality Products, and Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed”

Payment options are flexible, with options such as T/T, L/C, Western Union, Money Gram, and cash accepted. Delivery time is 15-35 days, giving you ample time to prepare for its arrival. EVERPRETTY Furniture is committed to quality, and the Foldable Double-side Board is no exception. It meets ISO, SGS, TUV, BV, CQC, and CE standards, and comes with a 3-8 year warranty. EVERPRETTY Furniture’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is further reflected in their products and services.


The EVERPRETTY Foldable Double-side Board is more than just a writing board – it is a dynamic tool that encourages active learning and communication in the classroom. This innovative product takes classroom furniture to a new level, and EVERPRETTY Furniture is proud to offer it as a solution for today’s education needs.

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