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Elevate Your Bathroom with Horow’s Hang-On-Wall Toilet

When it comes to modernizing your bathroom, the Horow hang-on-wall toilet stands out as a sleek, efficient option. This innovative fixture not only saves space but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of any bathroom. Let’s delve into the features and benefits of this exceptional product.

Space-Saving Design

One of the most notable advantages of the Horow hang-on-wall toilet is its space-saving design. Traditional floor-mounted toilets can take up considerable space, making small bathrooms feel cramped. By mounting the toilet on the wall, you free up valuable floor space, creating a more open and airy feel. This design is particularly beneficial in urban apartments and smaller homes where every inch counts.

Efficient Water-Saving Performance

Water conservation is a critical consideration in modern households. The Horow TG02W model addresses this need with its dual-flush mechanism. Users can choose between a full flush, which uses 1.6 gallons of water, or a light flush, which uses just 1.1 gallons. This flexibility allows for significant water savings without compromising on flushing performance. Each flush is powerful and efficient, ensuring that your bathroom remains clean and hygienic.

Sleek and Modern Aesthetics

The Horow hang-on-wall toilet is designed with contemporary aesthetics in mind. Its clean lines and minimalist look make it a perfect fit for modern bathrooms. The concealed cistern and wall-mounted design contribute to a streamlined appearance, eliminating the cluttered look that can come with traditional toilets. Additionally, the toilet’s smooth surfaces make cleaning easier, enhancing hygiene and reducing maintenance time.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

While the idea of installing a wall-mounted toilet might seem daunting, the Horow TG02W is designed for straightforward installation. Comprehensive instructions and all necessary hardware are included, making the process as simple as possible. Once installed, the toilet’s elevated position makes it easier to clean the floor beneath, further enhancing the practicality of this design.


Incorporating a Horow hang-on-wall toilet into your bathroom can transform the space both aesthetically and functionally. With its space-saving design, efficient water-saving performance, and modern look, it is an excellent choice for any contemporary home. Consider upgrading to the Horow TG02W to experience the benefits of advanced bathroom technology.

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